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29 November 2010

speak, solid

Photo: Mural, Ninth Ward, New Orleans
An area badly hit by Hurricane Katrina

28 November 2010

louisiana, autumn, road

Louisiana: Oyster shucker, 'music goes right where we send it', delta, levee, swamp, police, horses, one-stop supermarket, bayou, ninth ward out by the lakes, 'let me tell you', Dixieland, zydeco, everywhere jazz, Deepwater Horizon, 'huge ass beer', silver Mardi Gras beads on autumn trees, 'you know what I'm saying'
Photo: Near Louisiana-Texas border 

27 November 2010

jazz, diamond, door

One day in New Orleans: Beignet, trumpet,
gumbo, beer, Katrina, sousaphone, y'all, parish,
streetcar, Mississippi River, all day music, night
Photo: The front of Preservation Hall, 726 St Peter St, New Orleans

25 November 2010

24 November 2010

train, moon, loop

Feels like tornado land, warm wind among flatness.
I open all the windows. Dusk, we walk under train, moon.
We take the little u-shaped road under the bridge.
All of us gorgeous, rumbling.
Photo: After the train, Richmond, Texas

23 November 2010

tree, beard, surround

Day two in Texas: 'beards' hang from trees, soft to touch.
Bald cypress, alligator, lotus, deer, duck, egret, cormorant, maybe two million chattering small black birds, one huge hawk with white-tipped wings, a prison, and our fat moon rising above what looks like an oil refinery
Photo: Brazos Bend State Park, Texas

22 November 2010

time, room

One Texas day: Smokehouse, car, m'am, drawl, football, nail salon, lone star saloon, one hawk, big men in hats, studded his&her belts, kindness, Dress Blue Charlies, slide guitar, fiddle, flag, a/c, Whataburger, Sonic, mountainless
Photo: Once animals at the Swinging Door, Richmond, Texas

20 November 2010

pink, pyramid

Look. Sigh. Laugh.
Photo: Parking lot, Giza, Egypt

nightwalking, nighttalking

He says, what are we
but our stories. And I
say, what I want to do is listen.
Photo: Cargo harbour, Hong Kong

19 November 2010

skin, pond, brown

A few hours before a long journey, 
am sleepless with possibility. 
Photo: About to swing into water, Camden, Maine

18 November 2010

gift, earth

To photograph is to touch,
receive, invite, give. 
Photo: A bag unopened, New Zealand

17 November 2010

breathing, sleeping

In the town where these goats live,
bells strike hourly. 
Photo: On a farm in the evening, Germany

16 November 2010

heart, street, free

The heart is a big place.
May it always be free.
Not parked, but moved, moving.
Photo: Between front and back of truck, Los Angeles

15 November 2010

shadow, sand, door, sky

I meet a man, surnamed 'Self'.
I do not open the door.
Photo: A main street, New Mexico

14 November 2010

city, light, night

Lit tree, lit building, lit clouds.
Just in case we no longer know how to see?
Photo: A view from City Hall, Hong Kong

13 November 2010

11 November 2010

shine, everyone, shine

How we live longer in poem and song.
Biz kandak kilip she'er we nahxa
ichide uzun yashaymiz.
Translation into Uyghur: Muhpulla
Photo: Urumqi hotel lobby, Xinjiang

10 November 2010

haas, hesse, express

Dixie joy.
Six-man band, sixteen bare bulbs.
Above, us, and the moon over Tasman.
Photo: Sousaphone and case, The Pines, New Zealand

09 November 2010

fern, wind

In one minute the wind moves one mile.
Kotahi atu te hau kotahi meneti kotahi maero.
Translation into Maori by Basil Keane
Photo: A ball of fern, Civic Square, Wellington

08 November 2010

train, tv, window, sea

How I listened as I photographed
six sleeping people on this train.
One man calls himself Snow. 
Photo: The Pacific, just south of Tropic of Cancer, Taiwan

07 November 2010

the first touch

To write is to touch.
Hair. Nouns. Wind.
We will make mistakes, but we can not stop.
Photo: A gravestone with a mistake, Dingle, Ireland