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30 June 2012

a petal might fall

It's the last day of June, and I wonder 
when a petal might fall.
Photo: Peony in England

29 June 2012

dark enough

I have always liked ferns. As a child, I would go 
to a little valley to the west of the home, 
just dark enough with leafy plants, 
but not too dark.
Photo: Ferns, New Zealand

28 June 2012

I am thinking of ears

These days, I am taken by the ear. 
A new friend has recently had two operations to improve the way she hears sound, and I think of her.
Yesterday, I read about the longfin eel, which lives between fresh and seawater like salmon do, but in the opposite direction. Longfin can live about one hundred years, and the lifetime can be counted. Inside the ear is a bone with an annual ring.
And here, the ear sits high, and rimmed, and ready. 
Photo: At a museum in Paris

27 June 2012

two winters

Six months ago, it was wintertime, and now, in another hemisphere, I am living in winter again. 
The first winter, I did not really know how to lay a fire, but now, we have warm flames almost every day.
Photo: A winter day, Hong Kong

26 June 2012

members welcome

In the past little while, several friends have had babies, created from their own bodies, or adopted from others. How many soft faces have I seen.
 And several friends have new homes. This table stands among hills and horses and hedges, and another wide wooden table newly stands in the winter terrace outside my study. 
Photo: Early summer, England

25 June 2012

The Louvre shopping

The Louvre is on top of a shopping mall 
with many top-end brands. There is also 
a post office below that offers Louvre postmarks.
Photo: Swipe here, The Louvre, Paris

24 June 2012

23 June 2012

I feel like writing

Somehow, this gathering of ply strips
makes me feel like writing. The layers, 
the parts, the subtle colo(u)ring.
Photo: Street, Hong Kong

22 June 2012

21 June 2012

metronome arms

Is walking and freedom the same thing, 
the way we step into stride with the soft scissors 
of our metronome arms
Photo: Hong Kong sidewalk
Text: The opening of my poem, 'the act of walking'
Read the whole poem here

18 June 2012

blue balls, bright meals

Friends, bright and social, keep this glassy tree 
near their table.  Time in their home shines.
Photo: London home

17 June 2012


Many days ago, I lived in this home, and today, 
we will read poetry a few doors away. 
Also up.
Photo: Newtown, New Zealand

16 June 2012

15 June 2012

city villages

A friend and I happened upon this village one evening, and as I type, I am in a village in another city.
Photo: Pokfulam, Hong Kong

14 June 2012

moving, movement

Tonight, in a house among trees,
four poets and six musicians gather.
I would like movement.
Photo: Tree bark, London
Event: Rhythm and Verse, Lopdell House
Titirangi, Auckland, North Island, New Zealand

13 June 2012

sound and scoop

How I love the sound of the coin down the chute 
of the Hong Kong tram, and how I love the feel of the finger 
along this scoop for coins in London.
Photo: At a ticket counter, London Underground

12 June 2012

11 June 2012

for condoms and

Right after I took this photo, a station attendant told me that there was a beautification project on, and that he didn't think the plants would grow well, that there was hardly any light. He said I was the second person to take a photograph that morning. 
I said I thought the repetition of shapes was interesting -- the planter and the bin -- but I didn't say anything aloud about the shape of a condom.
Photo: London Underground

10 June 2012

diamond night envelope

A boxy envelope trying to open itself
one evening.
Photo: In front of Hong Kong Arts Centre.
I present as a gift to my birthday sister L.

08 June 2012

seeing the mona lisa

Before you see the painting, you will see 
many people and many signs, like these two red ones, 
telling you to beware of pickpockets.
Photo: In The Louvre, Paris

07 June 2012

06 June 2012

copper season chair tube

Winter, spring, summer or fall, 
these chairs are here.
Photo: A metro station in Paris

05 June 2012

pagoda tree

It was a warm afternoon when I happened 
upon this orange place, and I kept a 4R print 
of the image in my journal for weeks, months, 
for the grace and strength.
Photo: Location unrecorded, somewhere in Japan

04 June 2012

I am thinking of China

So many Junes ago, when the moon was not seen, we lost as much as we can lose: young people who were just beginning to see, who were just beginning to believe.
Today, so many Junes later, with the moon seen in its fullness, maybe the country is beginning to see, to see enough to believe. 
Photo: Banyan tree opposite Victoria Park, Hong Kong
site of June 4 candlelight vigil since 1989

03 June 2012


I know of a man who studied boomerangs for seven years, taken by the way they can return to the thrower, the mathematics of the action, the swishing sound, the grace in the descent. 
This cloud seemed to stay in the same place for about an hour.
Photo: Masterton, New Zealand

02 June 2012

01 June 2012

flower tongue

A tongue, 
showing a tuft of orange 
fungal growth.
Photo: Iris, Ernest Gardens, England