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30 June 2013

swan line

Swans reach, eat 
as much willow as
their beaks allow.
Photo: Henley Lake,
Wairarapa, New Zealand

28 June 2013


A friend is beginning to build 
a new home, and I wish 
the family of three a very
bright togetherness.
Photo: Peony bud, New Zealand
For A and G and H

27 June 2013

planning and dreaming

Am in the middle of planning things
for more than sixteen people, at more 
then sixteen locations.... It's coming
together, thanks to more than sixteen
Photo: Supplejack, New Zealand

26 June 2013

hair and cat and winter

Temperatures drop as the sun falls.
At night, below 0. One of our cats 
sleeps in this high grass. 
Meanwhile, I am working on a story 
about a girl with wild hair.
Photo: Native grass, New Zealand

25 June 2013

be where we are

These days are shining. Nights too.
The lit snow rim of mountains
makes me remember where I am.
Photo: Sign in Wairarapa, New Zealand

24 June 2013

23 June 2013

a paris moment

The accordionist had just seen 
us looking and began
to play as if only for us
(and our coins). 
Photo: On the Metro

22 June 2013

sun, moon, curtain

Light from sun and moon
came into my room, 
and lots of warm air
to move the curtain.
Photo: My room in Hong Kong

21 June 2013

words and fire

Today and all last night
a wind so cold. I want
to read by the fire.
Photo: My book 'delicate access'
among other books in the library, 
Hong Kong

20 June 2013

work bright

The first bright sun in days
and I have to workworkwork.
Photo: Paris rooftop

19 June 2013

the insert

This blog started, 
almost 1,000 posts ago,
with a photograph of a gravestone
that had an error. 
The missing letter
Photo: V for vor valve, Wellington

18 June 2013

the handwritten

I posted a letter to a friend who had just moved to a new part of town, and when he received the handwritten note, he said it felt like home.
Photo: C and C and me, New Zealand
Photo (cropped) taken by L

16 June 2013

thinking of a place

I am thinking of the next 
exhibition, a place 
for the images 
to live for a while.
Photo: My exhibition 'delicate access'
with my home furniture in the gallery

14 June 2013

leg, tail, swan

I saw this a few years ago. I like 
hind leg raised, and the way 
the tail looks like the neck 
of a swan.
Photo: At Sculpture in the Country, New Zealand

13 June 2013

red speech

I feel like making a long-distance call. Reaching 
a family member. We live in seven different cities/towns. At the same time, am reading a book in which a woman has stopped speaking. She prefers listening, watching. 
Sometimes I am the same.
Photo: Phone in our hallway, New Zealand

11 June 2013

the oneness of us

Last night, we had a long meal with about eighteen people, including a sweet family, and most all the boys and girls there, the men and women, were helping with the cooking, serving, cleaning, and eating, whatever the age of the sex, and I say thank you to the oneness. I say, good on you.
Photo: A sign in Paris

10 June 2013

she is seven

She is seven and lives in a blue house with seventeen cats, do I want one? We are riding a bus from Taupo, and she sings long songs. She says the wind in the fields is a grass swimming pool, and after the downpour, when the sky turns yellow, she sees a very high uenuku. That’s rainbow in Pakeha, she teaches me. She wants to eat sheep tails, but not the tails of the spring lambs we count. Have I seen a baby come out from the belly? Do I have a husband? She says I should have pink hair, go out in a pair of jeans and a cardigan. Then a man will take me home. 
Text: Entry to Flash Mob 2013 / Photo: Wall in Paris

09 June 2013

singing, a healthy thing

I read of a man who gets together 
each week with friends to sing.
He says it is a healthy thing for him, 
and I agree. Brian Eno, please come 
'round here if you like, too.
Photo: Pinecones, Hong Kong

06 June 2013

05 June 2013

fungus time

So wet these days. 
It's fungus time.
And I think of Plath
and people rising up
Photo: At Fensham Reserve, New Zealand

04 June 2013

02 June 2013

two tongues

A moment ago, our cats
were both cleaning themselves.
Two very busy tongues. 
The sound of tongue on fur is not soft.
Photo: In a museum, Paris