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30 April 2012

now forward

Yesterday, my new book was born.
Today, it goes forward on its own.
Photo: Off the ferry, Hong Kong
For book information: http://www.mccmcreations.com/

29 April 2012

touch, tickle

May we all touch, be touched,
tickle, be tickled.
Photo; Fisher overalls, Tai O, Hong Kong 2012

28 April 2012

square sea skirt

What would you like to put on this table?
I might place candles, as it's my sister's birthday
today, and maybe the metal stands behind
are candle-like too.
Photo: Outside a cinema, Hong Kong

27 April 2012

three blocks away

This is the view I saw from one of my homes in Hong Kong over the years.
The sea is three blocks away, but we could not see, smell or hear it, but here, on this early evening, it all looks watery.
Photo: Sheung Wan

26 April 2012

the best way to

Vincent Van Gogh once said that the best way to know God is to love many things, and I think 'self'' and 'the world' can be substituted for 'God' in that statement.
For me, at this moment, I love this wood and wrapped wonder.
Photo: Masterton, New Zealand

25 April 2012

three new buildings

There will be three new high-rise buildings in my low-rise
neighbo(u)rhood. Two hotels. One tower full of luxury flats.
Photo: Tai Hang, Hong Kong, 2012

24 April 2012

land and hand

This morning, I brought a beloved and a very healthy 'tan fa' - a night-blooming cereus - to a friend's home on this island. She and I had been given the plant by a woman whose village has since been cleared. And when I went away for a year, another friend minded it for me, and she saw the first wondrous bloom, night-lit.
From one land, from one hand, to another. To another. Life keeps moving. Love keeps.
Photo: Peng Chau Island in foreground, Hong Kong island in distance

23 April 2012

bud, bloom

Hello Monday, the first 'workday' that I am 'free'
and suddenly so much is here. And suddenly
so much is not.
Photo: Springtime, Kadoorie Farm, Hong Kong

21 April 2012

joy in water

Today, four of us were swimming, and how
we all feel more more joyful.
Merry, merrier.
Photo: Underwear, Indonesia

20 April 2012

don't think twice, it's alright

The road appears a lot in Bob Dylan's song, Don't Think Twice, It's Alright, and I sing his words many times each week as I walk.
Thank you.
Photo: Rising moon, East Texas 

19 April 2012

tree string

I have called myself a tree.
Sometimes stronger, sometimes fragile.
Photo: Tree in Indonesia

18 April 2012

almost, maybe

Almost a letter.
A c? l? s?
Or maybe a drawing
of a sitting person.
Photo: Tube out covered window, Hong Kong

17 April 2012


In my home are few curtains.
And only in thin white.
But I love whole buildings
covered with scaffolding and curtains. 
Photo: Building site, Happy Valley, Hong Kong

16 April 2012

start here: good, better, best -->

This is my last week at a job I have had
pretty much for the past 17 years.
It is hard to let go.
But necessary. 
I am starting.
Photo: A project of Hong Kong Polytechnic University

15 April 2012

language and creation

'The dream of a common language'
and 'the creation of a society
without domination'
Photo: Giza
Text: Two reasons why Adrienne Rich was a writer

14 April 2012

the slow train

'and the poet took the slow train
home in the night'
Text: From the song 'Empty' by Edmund Leung
Photo: A building somewhere in Hong Kong

13 April 2012

12 April 2012

night deliciousness

The other night, we had a picnic in this park,
on this grass. All of us very delicious.
Photo: Victoria Park, minutes from my Hong Kong home

11 April 2012


I am waiting.
My new book, of stories, of images, will happen soon.
I am not a very patient person.
Photo: A cinema in Hong Kong

10 April 2012

before the decisions

Today, we will finish a book. Make the many
decisions... It is kind of like the band that entered
this window-door and then played so joyfully.
Photo: Church window before a concert, Dingle, Ireland

09 April 2012

pudding overflow

Isn't this a beautiful gift?
A friend made this pudding for me.
And I give to you, too. And you.
Ah, so much to love!
Sometimes I burst, overflow.
Don't you?
Photo: B's summer pudding, London

08 April 2012

we protect what we love

what is loved
is protected.
Photo: A statue in the Philippines
Text: The end of my poem on 4 June 1989

07 April 2012

coming into...

Coming in from London from over the pole, flying in a big airliner, chickens flying everywhere around the plane, could we ever feel much finer?
I have been singing this lately.
photo: MTR escalator, Hong Kong
text: First verse of Coming into Los Angeles, Arlo Guthrie

05 April 2012

full is the

It's the full moon today, tonight, and we will sing
on my rooftop. Come after 10 o'clock!
Photo: Artichokes in New Zealand

04 April 2012

a little king

Today is Ching Ming, a day when we think of people who have died, and I think of my little brother.
I call him a little king.
I talked with him today. I have cried and I have smiled.
Photo: Glass, home, garden, Suzhou, China
Text: For J.H. and my family

03 April 2012

02 April 2012


One friend has 'see c sea' on the front door of her home,
unit c, seaside. Another friend used to live near this 'c'.
Photo: Tree, Georgia, USA

01 April 2012


Leaf. Pink. Bud.
Looks like they're from
three different plants.
Togetherness can bring
boldness and surprises.
Photo: A gift for my sister on her birthday,
born on Easter and April Fool's Day!