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31 July 2013


Next month brings
several happenings.
Photo: At the driveway 
to I's childhood home, Wellington 

30 July 2013


This 'eight' 
has infinite 
Photo: A house number, London
For a friend with good news today

29 July 2013


A few hours after I took this photograph,
a new member of the household arrived.
The next day, our neighbo(u)rs returned.
Photo: Outside 'Countdown' supermarket, Masterton

28 July 2013

26 July 2013

always hello

At around noon, I spoke 
with my family, in another country,
where it was yesterday. 
They had just finished dinner.
Hello, always hello, 
my loved ones.
Photo: Mussels one lunchtime, Ireland

25 July 2013

one land, one sea

One land, another. 
One sea.
These hills and streams 
in Ireland remind me of the hills 
here in New Zealand.
Photo: Connemara, Ireland

24 July 2013

the warmth of wood

I love the warmth of old wood, and the lines of older designs. This chair I still have, and the legs of the table, but the table top lifted up and blew off in a typhoon, landing on a night street, unpeopled.
Photo: My furniture, found in a village in Hong Kong,
installed at my exhibition for 'delicate access' 2004

23 July 2013

this is

I have forgotten 
where and what 
this is and I don't mind.
Photo: unknown

22 July 2013


About twenty people in my family
once stood in front of these doors.
And nearby, a stork nest.
Photo: At a monastery, Germany

21 July 2013


We all need space, 
as do the tops of trees.
Photo: Kahikatea trees, Wairarapa, New Zealand

19 July 2013

mountains today

From our window,
The Tararuas. Snowy.
Photo: Taken with my phone
in Wairarapa, New Zealand

18 July 2013

tell me a story

I would like to read 'Under The Tree'
by Elizabeth Madox Roberts again. 
Summers ago, we placed gifts here
under this one for the children. 
They called it the fairy tree.
Photo: Tree in Germany

17 July 2013

this window

Yeats and I and thousands
of others have looked 
through this window
Photo: Ballylee, Ireland

16 July 2013

a glove a friend

A friend of mine has a series
of images of these gloves
and I give this one to her.
It reminds me. I have a single
glove to return to another friend.
Photo: Tai Hang, Hong Kong,
A glove for P, and one soon for G

13 July 2013

summer, winter

This photograph was taken,
on a warm summer's day,
unlike the winter hours here
in the southern hemisphere.
Photo: Laundry in Tarragona, Spain
Book cover featuring
my photograph. The back cover
features a long white dress.

12 July 2013


Maybe the clouds are trying
to write a Chinese character.
Photo: Wairarapa sky

11 July 2013

the executive says

I saw this sign at a hospital.
Across the street, a liquormart.
Photo: Laminated sign, New Zealand

10 July 2013

rain tap

'One leaf, one
I think of that short poem
as rain taps each leaf.
Photo: Me at a book exhibition,
at the Fringe Club, Hong Kong,
by mccm creations
Text: The poem in the upper right
is from my book, 'Delicate Access' 
with translations by Luo Hui

09 July 2013

whilst, first

Janet Frame wrote a whole novel
after hearing 'whilst' spoken aloud 
for the first time.
Photo: Wairarapa sky
Text: The Adaptable Man

08 July 2013


The internet didn't work all day 
on a day I really needed it.
Sounds like a Monday.
Photo: Wairarapa roof, New Zealand

06 July 2013


The other day, 
I was at a museum
and am now editing 
a book about a muse.
Photo: At Te Papa, New Zealand

05 July 2013

new and born

Today we saw two newborn lambs,
two rams, so small and white,
and standing by their mother,
just like this foal. 
Side by side.
Photo: At a neighbo(u)r's stable, New Zealand

04 July 2013

03 July 2013


Ordinarily I like counting, and my writing
often has this exactness, but when driving,
the eye does not regularly regard the little 
lines and numbers on the odometer. 
Still, I have no speeding tickets.
Photo: Carterton road, New Zealand

02 July 2013


Hello, I have said.
I like how his ears
move towards
the sound.
Photo: Our horse, New Zealand

01 July 2013

just finished

Just finished a big task,
would love a long bath.
Photo: Trough, Wairarapa, New Zealand