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29 December 2013

glass eye

After all these years, the joy
of seeing remains.
Photo: Window and reflection, New Zealand

20 December 2013

lucky serve

Today we bought a car
and then got served dim sum
at table 8. It'll serve us well.
Photo: At China Town, Palmerston North, New Zealand

19 December 2013

17 December 2013

soon green blink

The person whose hair is around
the white plus sign will visit 
soon. That green circle
will blink soon.
Photo: With P. at HKPU

16 December 2013


We're mostly vegetarian, but once
in a while, I feel like a steak.
Photo: Tree stump

15 December 2013


Another Sunday today, and I 
remember this day in a chapel 
in a city by the sea,
not a Sunday.
Photo: In Pokfulam, Hong Kong

14 December 2013


Oh, how we love things
with a tilt. Words. Places.
Photo: In Titirangi, New Zealand

13 December 2013

angel naan

Last Friday was this person's birthday.
She looks like an angel here.
The naan an edible halo.
Photo: P., age 15 and one week

12 December 2013

happy gardens

A friend's book on garden designers 
and their personal gardens was a finalist 
for an award by a gardeners' guild. 
Grow grow grow, book, 
may you live a beautiful life.
Photo: Garden in England

11 December 2013

an extra circle

I like how the Addams Family 
encourages people to play 
with their food.
Photo: By P, at her 15th birthday dinner

10 December 2013


Today I listened to a valedictorian say 
'be afraid of not changing' and I
have come to like to shoot the sun.
Photo: Eastbourne, New Zealand

09 December 2013

08 December 2013

07 December 2013

happy tail

One of our cats has taken
to chasing her own tail.
I think she's happy.
And the tail has a dent.
Photo: Mural, Eastbourne

06 December 2013


The garden has been planted.
It's open for the growing.
Photo: Sign, Eastbourne

05 December 2013

sturdy clips

I like clips of different kinds,
and have saved the plastic ones 
my Oma used years ago. 
As sturdy as she was.
Photo: Clothespeg as bookmark

04 December 2013

h h h

It's suddenly hot and heavy
and humid, and all we wanna
do is sleep.
Photo: G at The Louvre

03 December 2013

summer hum

It's summer here, 
and the heat is humming.
Today I walked by this word
within the word 'police'.
Photo: For the parking space
outside Carterton Police Station

02 December 2013


This is the old shelter at a train stop. Wooden walls and sliver-windows, it stands, locked, next to the new shelter of glass and metal. When I asked a young girl which one she likes better, she said the new one, because it's shiny. 
Photo: At Solway Station, Wairarapa

01 December 2013


Maybe I am as curious
as these children may be.
Photo: In a small town in England

30 November 2013

29 November 2013

I gallop away

...with foot in the stirrup
I gallop away...
Photo: Stirrups at a Paris museum 

28 November 2013


I remembered these white plants 
as piglets - and I want to post 
wishes to two pregnant women I know.
Photo: At an A & P Show, Clareville, New Zealand

27 November 2013

poppy love

I am falling in love 
with these plants, and I think 
of Rita Angus, who said that 
the first duty of an artist 
is to find beauty in everyday life.
Photo: Our poppies on a rainy evening

26 November 2013

25 November 2013

the day and I, life and I

The day is always 
temporary. As we are, 
though our love remains,
and I think of 
Laurie Anderson's words
after Lou Reed died -
'the purpose of death
is the release of love'
as is the purpose of life
Photo: A sign removed from its pole

24 November 2013


We call this moment a rainbow.
Photo: L. at a swimming hole, New Zealand

23 November 2013

effort and moment

It took several times to catch
the right moment 
with the mobile phone 
camera. I like this moment.
Photo: L's friend in a nearby 
swimming hole

22 November 2013

sweet as

Sweet as.
One of my favo(u)rite colloquial
expressions here in New Zealand.
Photo: Two happy friends 

21 November 2013

heat water

Today very warm
so we swam.
Nothing like the body
being underwater.
Photo: Cement ground, at low shutter speed

20 November 2013

trying, too

I have been trying 
to understand a sentence 
for a report I have been editing.
Photo: Rope, Greytown

19 November 2013


Saying the 'right' thing in the 'right' way to a teenager can be so very hard.  
Photo: Window of abandoned hospital, Wairarapa

18 November 2013

brushing, embarrassing

I remember living in a dormitory
and having to brush my teeth
in front of people. Somehow
it was so embarrassing.
Photo: Sinks somewhere in the Wairarapa

17 November 2013

river and creek

These shoes were a gift
from a friend I call River.
We wear the same size 
though she is inches shorter 
and here I stand 
by a kind of creek
and think of her.
Photo: At Greytown Old Hospital

16 November 2013

so much joy

Each and every blossom
so much joy and I think
of the flower called angel's breath
though this has a different name.
Photo: Bush in Greytown

15 November 2013

long live doodling

Reminds me of the doodles
I would do as a girl.
Photo: Made by a girl
who lives down the road

14 November 2013


I meet a woman with 
"if you listen" tattooed
on her arm, and I am 
thinking of another woman
who has had procedures
in her ears to be able 
to hear better.
Photo: part of 'Keep Clear'
on the road

13 November 2013

I remember

I know of a boy
who so loved his tricycle
that his father buried it with him.
The boy was bombed to death,
in Hiroshima, in 1945.
Photo: A tricycle in the Wairarapa

12 November 2013

11 November 2013


I sat in the same spot 
for two consecutive nights, 
twice in a lifetime.
Photo: Kuranui College, Wairarapa

10 November 2013


We saw our first eel
in the creek today.
It was about 35cm.
Photo: Measurement for fish to be put back in the water 

09 November 2013

08 November 2013


Wide open, the peonies these days.
For a while, they close up at night.
Photo: In our garden

07 November 2013

water and wall

This is painted on the wall
of a fish'n chips shop, and as I
wait for the order, I wonder
how the fish swims with these fins,
and what it sounds like within water.
Photo: At Centreway, Carterton

06 November 2013