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31 May 2013

ride on

Today is shining, a good day 
for riding.
Photo: L on her horse
Carterton, New Zealand

29 May 2013


Today, an x-ray.
Photo: In a night garden, 
Tai Kong Po, Hong Kong
Taken by Wong Yankwai

28 May 2013

created, appreciated

The other autumn day, I cut 
silverbeet leaves from the garden,
some light green, some darker, a few purply,
all deliciously created, appreciated.
Photo: Lettuce at a grocer's in Paris

27 May 2013

see what it sees

It's that day of the week that 
says 'begin again' and soon 
I will walk with my camera 
and see what it sees. 
Maybe seeing is beginning.
Photo: A drink with my sister E, Paris

26 May 2013

we walk the river

We walk the river.
Rock, sand, slime, gorse.
We walk hours of water,
sure of place, sound, bend.   
Photo: Mount Holdsworth, New Zealand                                                                                            

three names

Mingimingi. Rimu. Tmesipteris.
Three names I love.
Photo: In Fensham Reserve, 
Carterton, New Zealand

24 May 2013

arriving, slowly

I feel like taking a trip.  Maybe to the sea. Or another body of land. 
The train is a preferred means. I used to sit facing the direction of travel, the new scenes arriving, arriving, but I now also like facing the other direction, relaxing, watching land or sea recede, slowly.
Photo: Taken at an exhibition in a train station in Texas

23 May 2013

the sun remembers

The necklace receiving,
extending the sun.
Yellow connections.
Photo: Our car, New Zealand
The necklace a gift from SL,
and the cloth from K

22 May 2013

the corner could

around the corner could be god or a barricade of opinion
Photo: The corner of a plaque, Featherston, New Zealand
Text: Words from my poem, The Act of Walking, Delicate Access, 2004

21 May 2013

20 May 2013

trust light

Just hung up the laundry.
The day could go many ways.
Am trusting the sun more 
than cloud, rain, shadow.
Photo: Mushrooms, New Zealand

18 May 2013

tui by the window

I woke up much later than usual
this morning and the Tui 
were still singing.
Thank you, birds.
Photo: P's room, Hong Kong

17 May 2013


I love playing 
with words.
Anywhere. Every.
Photo: Our table, New Zealand

16 May 2013

40 hoops

A friend turns 40 today and I 
remember hulahoops.
Photo: For L H, Wire and wall, Philippines

15 May 2013

a blossom for Hiroshima

Today, we received the book
'After Hiroshima' created 
by my sister, and we are 
so very proud of her.
Photo: Banana and blossom, Hong Kong

14 May 2013

13 May 2013

sun, mon

Monday, Monday, 
and such sun.
Thank you.
Photo: Net over deep-fried dough
called 'fried ghost' in Hong Kong

12 May 2013


A beautiful thing.
Photo: Bougainvillea, Hong Kong
Happy birthday S and H

11 May 2013

and maybe

and maybe I
would like to live here
for a while.
Photo: Peng Chau home, Hong Kong

10 May 2013


Friends may make 
a home here.
Photo: Abanadoned homes, Peng Chau, Hong Kong

09 May 2013

9, 10

Today a friend turns 10, 
the first day of her life 
in double digits. 
My mother felt stressed 
when she turned ten, 
more than 65 years ago.
Photo: Two jackfruit, Hong Kong
Happy Birthday, L.

08 May 2013


Today, I was with movements, 
with Len Lye's 'tangible motion 
sculptures' and yes, I touched 
and was touched.
Photo: Painted wall, 
Peng Chau, Hong Kong

07 May 2013


I like the sound and 
feel of 'delicate access'
- the title of a book of mine.
Photo: Passageway to board 
a ferry, Hong Kong

06 May 2013

05 May 2013


Today we gather 
around poetry.
Photo: Cherry tree, Featherston, New Zealand

04 May 2013

once flying

A friend of mine writes of the beginning 
of the hunting season here in New Zealand. She has heard the wings of black swans
and sees wounded ducks among her nut trees.
Photo: Tamarind rind, Hong Kong

03 May 2013

for a friend

Here is a bright red accordion
ribbon for a new friend.
Photo: For R. H., A happy gate, Hong Kong

02 May 2013

neat feet

I love these two sapling containers 
placed at the base of the receptacle
like a pair of shoes removed
at the entry of a home.
Photo: Featherston, New Zealand

01 May 2013

which season

It is Autumn in this hemisphere, 
but so very green, it feels like Spring.
Photo: H's conservatory, New Zealand