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30 September 2013

leo, tiger

I am 
both a Leo and Tiger
and am happy 
just the way 
I am
Photo: At a museum, location forgotten

29 September 2013


The leaning looks like someone telling a joke.
Photo: Somewhere in Paris

28 September 2013

oh so

The girls are gone
for a while, and it feels
oh so quiet.
Photo: Louvre Museum, Paris

27 September 2013

26 September 2013

25 September 2013

24 September 2013

22 September 2013

21 September 2013


We had a lovely gathering last night
and today I slept and slept
Photo: Somewhere in Auckland

20 September 2013


A man I love 
made this from one
piece of wood for a girl
we love.
Photo: L's chair

a ribbon for you

We have many ribbons that keep us 
happy, healthy, bright, and tonight
is a festival for the moon
and everyone is bright.
Photo: Ribbons that L has won in horse riding

18 September 2013

white and cold

This is a detail of a photographic image of mine. It's snow on a rooftop. Our winter is over in New Zealand, and we had just a dust
of snow. Then, this morning, frost.
Photo: Snow on corrugated metal, Japan

16 September 2013

waiting for the wind

These sway in the wind, 
and this morning, the wind is quiet.
Photo: Sculpture in Featherston, New Zealand

15 September 2013

two roads

Many of us, people and dogs 
alike, take these roads
One road leads to town,
another to river.
Photo: Off North Road, Greytown, New Zealand

14 September 2013

be with brightness

We climbed past fern, stream, rimu, 
ponga, tmesipteris. We climbed 
ninety minutes upwards 
to be with this bright expanse.
Photo: Tararua Mountains, Wairarapa

12 September 2013

floor as field

This looks like 'tin' 
the Chinese character 
for 'field'.
Photo: On my firiend A's floor, Brisbane

11 September 2013

they were golden

When I saw these trees without a lens,
they were golden, but now, somehow, 
Photo: Off North Road, Greytown, New Zealand

10 September 2013

wind sound

Today the wind is traveling 
about 2 kilometers each minute.  
The sound tires.
Photo: Metal and ground, Peng Chau, Hong Kong

09 September 2013

candles for the future

Today is the birthday 
of two people in my life.
I see these white fixtures 
as candles and the shape
a triangle, going forward.
Photo: A wall in the dark
Happy new year e and B!

08 September 2013


Today we met a woman who spins 
and weaves alpaca, sheep, 
siberian husky...
Photo: Off Waohine Gorge Road

07 September 2013


One of the first photos taken with my mobile phone, this image records a friend sailing off on a boat, from one island to another.
The phone has not kept the colors of that wonder afternoon, and the very first images taken were the reverse of what was wanted: I kept shooting parts of the hand or cheek until I figured out the direction the lens was facing. 
Photo: V going to Lantau Island

06 September 2013

05 September 2013

I am a tree

People are trees. Seamus Heaney was called a great oak at his funeral, and Nieh Hualing has always called herself a tree. 
Photo: In the Botanical Gardens, Wellington

04 September 2013

tribute to the claw

A friend recently created 'Claw Script' -
photographic images of the scratches 
her cat makes on the living room floor.
Another friend framed and mounted
the images. This post is a tribute to them.
Photo: For H and LH, tree shadow on mushroom, New Zealand

03 September 2013


The ancient animal might rest 
on this rock.
Photo: At Pukaha Mount Bruce, New Zealand

02 September 2013

nose information

Pigs live near the end 
of the driveway.
I am glad I am mostly 
a mouth-breather.
Photo: Painted on a building
of the Wairarapa A & P Society, New Zealand

01 September 2013

body of air

Kikorangi, the Maori word 
for blue: sky flesh.
Photo: Foreground fountain and sky above Aotearoa,
The Land of the Long White Cloud,
also known as New Zealand