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31 January 2013

30 January 2013

all is well

There's something 
about being in a cafe 
that lightens,
Photo: Napier windows, New Zealand

29 January 2013

evening streams

Early evening, and swimming 
in the river. Nothing like the lightness,
the silkiness of being 
underwater, as if we ourselves 
are streams.
Photo: Morning tree, Napier, New Zealand

28 January 2013

Hello Paul

Reminds me of Paul Klee.
Photo: Late night containers, Tai Hang, Hong Kong

27 January 2013


I want to enclose and be enclosed.
Photo: A room in New Pacific Studio
near Masterton, New Zealand

26 January 2013

sometimes I prefer distance

I love the ocean for its space, but 
sometimes I prefer to be a distance 
from the sound, the pound, of the waves.
Photo: I's shadow, The Pacific, Napier, New Zealand

25 January 2013

man and sea

As soon as 
we arrived, 
he walked 
to the sea, alone.
Photo: C and the Pacific, Napier, New Zealand

24 January 2013

this is not

This is not a pine cone,
and not beaks trying to speak
or receive regurgitated food.
Photo: A cone in the garden , New Zealand

23 January 2013


The ubiquitous fence, hill, wire, sky.
Scenery to the north of our home.
Photo: North of the town Palmerston North, New Zealand

22 January 2013

head, radiating

Today a hot day, 
especially for the head.
Photo: Flowers I don't know the name of, New Zealand

21 January 2013

20 January 2013

a poem to give

Wait until this moody weather 
is over / That’s all that matters...
Photo: Lotus in car, at a festival, Hong Kong. For P.K. 
Text: From "A poem to give to a bitter melon," by Leung Ping Kwan (1949-2013)

19 January 2013

string and towels, touching

Don't know why I love 
string and rope. I hold  them 
at hardware shops, and sometimes 
collect them. Towels too. 
I touch what I love.
Photo: String for the garden, Carterton, New Zealand

18 January 2013

one two flow

Today, five writers will be together
here in my home, seeing
how our written 
words flow.
Photo: Horse jumps, New Zealand

17 January 2013

please write me

I want to write, but don't 
know what. Soon. Soon.
Photo: In a cafe bathroom, 
Napier, New Zealand

16 January 2013

glory in the highest

Today is the birthday of two friends in two countries. 
May this day, this year, open many glorious things.
Photo: Open window, Napier, for G and S

15 January 2013


I do not agree.
Photo: Outside an architect's firm, 
Napier, New Zealand

14 January 2013


I dream of you but 
you are not a dream.
Photo: Napier bed, New Zealand
Text: The end of Love Poem by Gregory O'Brien

13 January 2013

dry hot dry

A dry time.  
Grass is yellowing,
wisteria leaves falling.
We woke up this morning
and saw a double rainbow,
but only spits of hot rain.
I once called summer
a giant snail.  
Photo: City bench, Napier, New Zealand

12 January 2013

a bright return

One morning we came upon these bright trees.
The orange-red is the flame tree, also in Hong Kong.
And the blue flowered one is jacaranda,
a tree I once knew in Los Angeles
and had almost forgotten.
Photo: In Napier, New Zealand

11 January 2013

hello radio

I will go to a radio station today. I like 
not seeing everyone I am talking to,
and the feel of headphones 
on the ear, over the thoughts.
Photo: No parking here, New Zealand

10 January 2013

09 January 2013

08 January 2013

on the first day

The foal can stand 
on the first day of life,
but spends a lot of time
resting at the mother's side.
Photo: At a neighbor's stable, New Zealand

06 January 2013

One Pacific

We walked to the log-seat,
and then a bit onward, eastward, 
to the sea, the same large sea 
we once walked westward to,
how many years ago.
Photo: The Pacific, Napier, New Zealand
and remembering Moss Beach, California

05 January 2013


I once saw an ad 'Hey for sale' 
and I both smiled and cringed.
Photo: Hay, New Zealand

04 January 2013

I need to write

I write to know 
what I know.
Photo: Installation (excerpt) 
by Wong Yankwai, Hong Kong

03 January 2013


Over a year ago, I met the man
who lives in this room. Our eyes  
shared a kindness, and I wish him,
I wish us, many wishes.
Photo: A room in Shamshuipo, Hong Kong
He paid more per square foot than I did in rent,
though my income was far higher than his.

02 January 2013

tree to tree

Once upon a time, the treetop
was below the window. 
A man I know would walk 
the wooded hills and swing 
tree to tree.
Photo: I's and H's and K's 
childhood home, New Zealand

01 January 2013

peep peep

One day, we played 
and peeped
and played.
Photo: B in a field, Carterton