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30 September 2011

29 September 2011

nothing like a cup

Nothing like a good cup.
Alone or together.
Photo: The Tin Hut, Wairarapa, New Zealand

27 September 2011


So many ways, so many places to be.
Please be.
Photo: On a bus to an airport

26 September 2011

monday, monday

Monday, Monday, time
to press the 'work' button.
Photo: Ceiling light, Hong Kong

25 September 2011

mattress glass

How I love to see, first with the eye-mind, then
with the lens, and once again in the image.
Photo: Dusk in Taipei

24 September 2011


My father and I saw this empty room one
afternoon, and today, after house guests
have left, my home feels alone.
Photo: New Orleans

23 September 2011

up, down

On Sunday in Taipei, we look up and see
one light. We look down and give
our feet a warm massage.
Photo: Office building, Taipei

22 September 2011

watery blur

One ship I slanted on an evening I do not remember.
Photo: In the waters around Hong Kong

21 September 2011

20 September 2011


A microphone?
Photo: On the grounds of the National Palace Museum, Taipei

19 September 2011

tree drips

Gold wax, blood, tears, sap.
Photo: Macrocarpa tree,
Martinborough, New Zealand

18 September 2011

cranes in the light

She asks me if there will be another atomic bomb, and I say
I do not know. I say we have to do what we can to stop it from happening. The next day she makes origami cranes and gives them away to new friends.
Photo: Origami cranes behind glass, Hiroshima

17 September 2011

lotus in the peace park

Tonight my sister and I took a walk through
the Peace Park of Hiroshima. I stay
with the lotus opposite the A-bomb dome.

16 September 2011

one hundred books

Under the cenotaph in the Peace Park are books, and on the pages, the names of the people who were exposed to the A-bomb and have died. Once a year, more names and books are added. In 2011, on August 6th, the one-hundredth book.
Today at the Park, we were given three seeds of the Paulownia tree.
Photo: Leaves, Northpoint, Hong Kong

15 September 2011

Hello from Hiroshima

We arrived last night.
Peace and memory all around.
Today, The Peace Park and a school that survived, survives. And several machine-operated experiences already.
Photo: Games Centre in my office building, Hong Kong 

14 September 2011

body forward

We're traveling today.
Over water, overland.
Photo: Foot massage chart, Hong Kong

13 September 2011

dragon on a wall

Tonight is the end of the fire dragon dance.
For three nights, it has been winding its way around the neighbo(u)rhood, wishing us health, and cleansing us.
Here is the body and tail on the day before the annual wish began.
Photo: Tai Hang, Hong Kong

12 September 2011

full in the sky, full in the body

Tonight is the full moon and we'll be making lanterns and sending them into sky.
Here is a meal. Another fullness.
Photo: Dinner, Wairarapa

10 September 2011

09 September 2011

flowers for 9.9

I give flowers again to say happy birth of a day. These flowers remind me of a dark valley in my childhood when I either saw blue-purple violets or little white lilies, depending. There were hills and streams and skunks, a patch of pine trees. I could touch things I love. 
Photo: By Krista's, Maine
Happy Birthday e and b, I love you.

08 September 2011

tonight and the night before

Tonight, in this neighbo(u)rhood, my hood, we'll be singing. It's the night before my 'little' sister's birthday, another dear person's birthday, and the night before friends arrive in Hong Kong. Non-stop song. 
Photo: Hungry Ghost Festival, Tai Hang, Hong Kong

06 September 2011

the red event

'Wedding' in Chinese is 'red event'.
Photo: Tablecloth drying, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

05 September 2011

work and play

Monday. Another work week begins.
Are you ready?
Photo: W and J wedding, Hong Kong

04 September 2011


I love the word 'yes' and a friend loves 'but'.
(Also see entry for 3 September)
Photo: Cornish, Maine

03 September 2011

little forest by a little river

Many days ago, we celebrated our togetherness here to the sound of children, conversation, and water - on the other side
of this mosquito screen, a small river. 
(Tomorrow I will post another view.)
Photo: Cornish, Maine

02 September 2011

giant dandelions

I looked out the bus window, and
there they were.
Giant dandelions.
Photo: A DeBeers advertisement for diamonds,
Central, Hong Kong

01 September 2011

flowers see everything

For one night only.
Photo: Tan fa / night blooming cereus
A gift from Choi Yuen Village, Hong Kong
It bloomed on my Tai Hang rooftop last night
'Flowers see everything' is from a Tai Hang rock star-poet