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31 October 2013

doing before traveling

Am travelling, by car, tomorrow.
Always have the urge to get a million
tasks done before a trip. This time,
I am trying to focus on the traveling.
Photo: At Wellington airport

30 October 2013

shine shine shine

Yesterday I walked
among tree and river
and sun and fern
and all was shining.
Today, with four writers
reading their work aloud,
Photo: Wairarapa tree
The four writers: Michele Leggott, Fiona Farrell,
Owen Marshall, Murray Edmond

29 October 2013

one angel, two

We've been making wings 
for our two angels.
Almost ready to fly.
Photo: In our living room 

28 October 2013


I first saw Wisteria in China
but now see it as very English.
Photo: Wisteria in New Zealand

27 October 2013

this and that

Hope. Please come 
this way, that.
Photo: Along a driveway, 
Masterton, New Zealand

26 October 2013

for the wild things

This mural was beside 
the honesty one (below).
And today, we are looking
after the eels in the rivers 
and the seas.
Photo: Pirinoa School, New Zealand

25 October 2013

be honest

Honesty is necessary for writing. 
I always say this. 
So, when I went to this school
to work with kids, I smiled
at their school motto.
Photo: Pirinoa school, New Zealand

24 October 2013

23 October 2013

jazzy red

I wonder what the services
are like at the church.
Photo: At a church in England

22 October 2013

19 October 2013


Sweet Jesus. An expression 
I don't hear much these days.
Photo: At a museum, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

18 October 2013

17 October 2013

16 October 2013

happy legs

It was a deliriously bright day 
today after wind rain storm.
Thank you.
Photo: my legs, mini-skirt, tights, car

15 October 2013


I am filing my tax return today
in this country. Ouch.
Photo: AIr New Zealand plane, Wellington

14 October 2013

eternally beautiful

Today, a woman I love was saved
and she is so very happy
to continue receiving 
this gift of life. Thank you
dear friends of hers and ours.
Photo: A table top, Lyall Bay, New Zealand
For my dear sister e

13 October 2013


A photographer loves to look 
Photo: The back of a coffee machine, Wellington

12 October 2013

waves and planes

We sat and watched waves 
of water and seagulls riding 
waves of wind, and in another 
direction: an airport.
Photo: Lyall Bay, near Wellington airport

11 October 2013

10 October 2013

09 October 2013


The purple tinge reminds me of wisteria, which are blooming all over the Wairarapa.
Photo: Worcestershire, England

07 October 2013

bright bush

Such a bright day.
And I belong
to a group named
Glistening Waters.
Photo: Along a riverbank, Wairarapa

06 October 2013


To walk into this square
is to walk into wonder, and I love 
the building covered in white,
as if the sky
is also playing.
Photo: An installation in Paris, 2012

05 October 2013

live, lively

Today, we'll hear 
music live
and it'll be happy,
Photo: At a fair, England

04 October 2013


The other day I said edges
and corners are important.
I was talking about photographs,
but this whole room is important.
Photo: Toilet at a cinema, England

03 October 2013

sweet smoke

I like the smell
of cigarette smoke,
outside. There 
is a sweetness,
Photo: Location forgotten
somewhere in New Zealand

02 October 2013

bright wing

Today, we talked about nothingness 
and life and death and angels. I said
my angel is my heart
on a bright morning.
Photo: Gravestone, England

01 October 2013