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30 April 2013


I will always remember today.
Photo: Gravemarker, Featherston, New Zealand

29 April 2013

plants in the air, in the soil

A woman I know says my hands can heal, 
through meals, massage, working the land... 
and yesterday we placed fifteen plants
in the soil. I think they heal me.
Photo: Brugmansia in H's home, New Zealand

28 April 2013

birth and music

Today is the birthday of a sister, 
and I think of music together: dancing 
in our basement  as children, singing 
to the radio and stereo, and imagining 
a performance of all five sisters. 
For you, S. 
Photo: Two friends Poly and Orlando performing, 
Wellington, New Zealand

27 April 2013

after Nagasaki

This camphor sapling originated from a tree 
that survived the 1945 bombing of Nagasaki.
The fence around it acts as a windbreak.
Photo: The camphor was a gift from the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, 
and I give these photographs to my sister, elin oHara slavick, 
author of After Hiroshima

26 April 2013

trees and leaves and floating

The other day, I walked under cherry trees, and this morning, chestnut and walnut - green prickly balls falling. Later in the day, I read these words: "Paintings are like leaves falling from my tree. In this exhibition, I am sharing some of those floating leaves."
Photo: Cherry trees, Featherston, New Zealand
Quote taken from the 'Spirit Tree' exhibition, 
curated by Robert Franken, Aratoi

25 April 2013

a warm birthday

Today is the birthday of a girl
who loves toast - the warm bread
and the warm act. 
Photo: Drinks at H's home, for L, now 14

24 April 2013


Like a little planet
on its orbit.
Photo: In H's and B's home-in-the-making, 
Wellington, and I think of P's grandfather.

23 April 2013

22 April 2013


In a little while, I will
be here: lit up 
and happy.
Photo: The home of H and B, Wellington, New Zealand
(A low-res image)

21 April 2013

warm and open

These mushrooms are just 
the way I always want to be.
Photo: In the Wairarapa, New Zealand

20 April 2013

one animal, another

The fabric the cat 
sleeps on is called a 'cover' 
or a blanket, for a horse:
one animal getting it nice 
and warm for another.
Photo: Our cat, New Zealand

19 April 2013


This creature that lives beside us
I like to touch.
Photo: Our horse, New Zealand

18 April 2013

cherry time

Today is the wedding of two new friends. 
They are being married under cherry trees in one country and I just spent some time under a cherry tree in another.
Photo: Cherry tree, for the wedding
of M and S, Wairarapa

17 April 2013

sometimes the rain sounds

Sounds of fate
Photo: Looking towards Hong Kong Island skyline 
(A low-res photo file)

16 April 2013


In the morning, cool, quiet.
Later, many whirls 
of body, color.
Photo: Ice rink inside a shopping mall, Hong Kong
(A low-res photo file)

15 April 2013


Not by me.
Photo: Peng Chau sea wall, Hong Kong
(A very low-res file)

14 April 2013


I think about doing something 
with these eleven slabs, do you?
Photo: Sea wall, Peng Chau, Hong Kong

13 April 2013


Today a dear one
leaves on a trip.
The bags are packed,
ready to go.
Photo: In front of an eatery, 
Peng Chau, Hong Kong

12 April 2013


Today is a lovely one. 
I just heard that a child has been born
to two dear friends.
Photo: Tamarind rind, Hong Kong

11 April 2013


Two friends are exhibiting their art together,
starting tomorrow, enjoy it here.
Photo: Champagne, a gift from P

10 April 2013

town and city and sea

One morning, I saw the sun come up between
the hills of a small carless island where 
there is a little town where people sell their vegetables and fish and daily things....
It feels miles and years away from the city.
Photo: Peng Chau Island looking towards Hong Kong Island

09 April 2013


Today, rain, 
and the book 
I am reading.
Photo: Window, Philippines

08 April 2013


The other night after a rain
I saw a sky full of stars
and none of them 
looked like this.
Photo: On a building, somewhere in China

07 April 2013


I remember being in this village, a five-hour walk from the nearest town, and I remember being just as curious as the children. I asked people what they valued in their lives, and soon, the book "My Favourite Thing" was born.
Photo: Me in China, 1998
(I am sorry that I have forgotten 
the name of the photographer.)

06 April 2013

jade friend

I remember this day 
with this dear friend.
Photo: H. in Karori, New Zealand

05 April 2013

owls do cry

I read aloud the first three chapters 
of 'Owls Do Cry' today, a novel 
by Janet Frame, with the title taken from 
'The Tempest' by William Shakespeare.
Photo: Fishing net, The Philippines

04 April 2013

out of our quarrels

Do you believe in these words 
by William Butler Yeats?
"Out of our quarrels with others 
we make rhetoric. Out of our quarrels 
with ourselves we make poetry."
Photo: Tree bark, London

03 April 2013

grass swimming

We played in this grass one day, 
and I once met a girl who called the field 
a grass swimming pool.
Photo: Across our street, New Zealand

02 April 2013

swimming, driving

Today we took a long drive under a clear sky and it felt like swimming.
Photo: Plants through a net at a nursery, New Zealand

01 April 2013

wishes for slowness

I post this with wishes
to my sister, who tends to live quickly,
and who was born on 1 April in a year
when the day was also Easter Day.
Photo: Road sign, The Philippines