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31 January 2012

frogs are lucky

Frogs are lucky, I read the other day.
They eat what bugs them.
Photo: At a friend's swimming pool, Sai Kung

29 January 2012

ice writing

I used to live near a pond, and in the wintertime, would skate there in the late afternoons. I miss the sound of ice and blade.
Photo: Graffiti, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

28 January 2012


Mica is one of the things I love most,
and to me, this lichen on a stump
looks like a pile of the silvery sheets.
I saw it last month and I will see it again tomorrow.
Photo: Stump, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

27 January 2012

stranger, if

'Stranger, if you're passing me
and desire to speak to me,
why should you not speak to me?
And why should I not speak with you?'
Actually, I wanna fill the train station with song.
Text: Walt Whitman
Photo: Tin Hau MTR Station, Hong Kong

26 January 2012

i wish you your wishes

Today is the first day back at the office after the lunar new year holiday, and there are many laisee. I like to say, 'I wish you your wishes' as I receive the little red envelopes.
Photo: Champagne at d' and p's home, Saikung

25 January 2012

exquisite corpse

The other night, late in the night: exquisite corpse.
We created several together.
Take sheets of paper, each person writing a short bit, then pass it around, clockwise or counter, each person adding, but seeing only the preceding line, the earlier words folded from view. Stop when you feel like stopping, or when an end has seem to come. Read the poems from top to bottom, and especially in reverse.  
"The exquisite corpse will drink the new wine," say the Surrealists.
Photo: In a friend's garden, Hong Kong

wanna play?

Here are three toys. Enjoy.
Photo: By a household shop, Hong Kong

23 January 2012

five a day

It's a new year, how will we fill it? 
Yesterday, I read that it's good to eat five colors of fruit and vegetables a day, and a few days before that it's wise to give five compliments a day, and I know some people who pray five times a day.
Any way, all ways, please choose health.
Photo: Handmade, Lantau Island

22 January 2012


It's the eve of the new year, lunar.
The red tail of the dragon, peeping.
Photo: A friend's driveway, Hong Kong

21 January 2012


To me, art is not really to enjoy, but to feel, think,
consider, reconsider.
Sometimes the engagement is joy, brings joy, yes,
but more than that.
Photo: On a wall near Para/Site, a gallery in Hong Kong

20 January 2012

drink long opinions

With Lunar New Year, there's a lot of pink and red.
Huge peach blossom trees in foyers. Pussywillow dyed pink. Red poem-greetings on either side of doorways. And a lot of eating. Together.
I think of a poem I once wrote on pink and purple: 'drink long opinions full of violets'.
Photo: At a dimsum meal, Hong Kong

19 January 2012

18 January 2012

rosy, cosy

Rosy is how I feel today, and cosy.
Loved, loving, and a big pot of soup,
maybe the same size as those potted flowers.
Photo: The view from the King Yin Lei mansion, Hong Kong

17 January 2012

red cheer

The new lunar year, it's coming.
All the red cheer...
Photo: Looking at my neighbo(u)r's home

16 January 2012

15 January 2012

street frames

Maybe we can make worlds
in these frames,
with word, paint, spraypaint...
Photo: On a street, Hong Kong

14 January 2012

moon scraper

At night, a huge light is thrown
from the very top of this building,
so for those of us below, we have moonshadow, whatever the phase
of the moon.
Photo: Bird and new sky scraper in my neighbo(u)rhood, Hong Kong

13 January 2012

thinking about 29 Feb

The man who works in this lobby told me not to take any more photographs of his absence. And I ask: with the extra day of 29 February this year, Leap Year, do we own the day?
Do we have it for ourselves, or do we give it to our employers?
Photo: Lobby of building, Hong Kong

12 January 2012

come and play

Sometimes, I'll bring a basketball here and play.
Photo: Marble Road courts, Northpoint, Hong Kong

11 January 2012

hip hop Hong Kong

Last night I saw a film about hip hop.
It's called Hop(e)fully Yours.
And I write this to you, hoping
you might see it some day.
Meanwhile, I wanna see dancers occupying
empty units like this one, filling it with line
and joy and motion.
Photo: Unit for lease, Hong Kong
Hop(e)fully Yours is directed by Bryan Chang, film critic and director

10 January 2012

fill in the shape

A square in the air.
A diamond below.
Photo: Construction site, Victoria Park, Hong Kong

09 January 2012


We came across these white cubes
one evening. What would you put inside?
Photo: Before a trade fair, Victoria Park, Hong Kong

07 January 2012

place, placeless

Many times I have said I like not knowing, preferring the open, the unspoken,
the many, the feeling
of placelessness.
Photo: Somewhere on North Island, New Zealand

06 January 2012

05 January 2012

sidewalk frame

Cement, dirt, sprig, butt, and a wet boot,
wiggly at the top.
Photo: Northpoint sidewalk, Hong Kong

04 January 2012

my heart is the moon

'My heart is the moon' is a line of Chinese poetry, and tonight, at a little gathering of friends, poets, singer-songwriters and storytellers, we will have many moons.
Photo: Tin Hau, Hong Kong

03 January 2012


A woman in an old village has turned her home into an eatery. As we eat in her living room-bedroom, she watches television right beside us. She serves us instant noodles and processed siu mai, and somehow we need this, my friend says.
Down the hall, her son showers.
Photo: Snacks at Hidy's, 9401 6625, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

02 January 2012

a long sleep

I feel like hibernating for a while.
Photo: An alligator doing just that, Texas

01 January 2012