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31 March 2013

rise and fall and sway

I have visited this home
Rows of corn swaying outside.
A baby swaying within.
Photo: In the Philippines

29 March 2013

hearing the living

I am back in the land of new zeal
where I hear many living things
Today: chicken, magpie, tui, fantail, 
persons, sparrow, cow, horse, fly, 
mosquito, duck, goose, cat.
Probably more.
I want to hear a plant.
Photo: Chickens, Philippines

28 March 2013

with blue

I love seeing laundry in air.
In Hong Kong, it hangs out
in so many places, and today, 
mine has been under 
a very blue warm sky.
Photo: Along a lane, Hanoi, Vietnam

27 March 2013


Over the last few days,
I have been attending
more to birds, 
and I thank them.
Photo: A bird in New Zealand

26 March 2013

home now, home soon

Tonight I leave on a jet plane
from one home to another.
Love everywhere.
Photo: Fun in the bath, New Zealand

25 March 2013

24 March 2013


I have always loved to use things 
differently, playfully. 
Photo: Seat for a van, New Zealand

23 March 2013

distance to self

I once wrote in a poem that 'I take a bath 
when the distance to myself gets too far' 
but I love a bath anytime, and just 
last night, I bathed.
Photo: Our home, New Zealand

22 March 2013

love into the body

And now, we bring all the life and colo(u)r 
and love into our bodies.
Photo: At our table, New Zealand

21 March 2013

20 March 2013

friends and food

Today three friends who live on islands 
gave me food grown on, in, the land. 
Jackfruit, tomato, lettuce, carrot. 
And I think of Janet Frame 
and her is-land, was-land.
Photo: Food from our garden, New Zealand

19 March 2013


The people who were married on this day
of plenty of food and love and red
will soon have a child, and we
send very healthy blessings.
Photo: Plate at J and J wedding, USA

18 March 2013


For the next couple of days, I will
disconnect from the city a bit
and be with air, light, wind, trees. 
Photo: Our bathroom

pink and purple

I do not especially gravitate to the colo(u)rs pink and purple, and I especially do not like the prissy pastel versions, which seem to wilt. 
But how I love the pink receptacle placed here near the pyramids, and today, the gentle purple slate seen in the hills of Hong Kong.
Photo: Giza, Egypt

16 March 2013

I'm not kidding

I love this quote, the "I'm not kidding" and the "making life more bearable" and the "Do it as well as you possibly can" and the line drawing, and today, as I talk about my art with an audience at a bookstore, I will remember this.
Photo/text: Received on Facebook

15 March 2013

in a land I cannot

Today I walked around this
corner, in a land
whose words I 
cannot read. 
Yet a land I know.
Photo: Tai Hang, Hong Kong

14 March 2013

hole and pool

I have been to springs of hot mud,
bubbling. This is not one of those pools,
though when I glanced through my files of images
I thought it was.
Photo: Location forgotten

13 March 2013

102, 202

I love the lines of these numbers in this font, 
and I have a friend who chose his name
for the way the lines of those six letters
move with each other. 
Yesterday, we sang for the 202nd time.
Photo: Door, Wairarapa, New Zealand

12 March 2013

sing one, all

Tonight, I will sing, we will sing, 
and all will be whole. The moon too.
Just as the curved white lines on this door 
say: 'ruyi' which means 'as you wish'. 
Photo: Door, Taipei

11 March 2013

your very flesh

And your very flesh
shall be a great poem.
Photo: Cabbage tree, New Zealand
Text by Walt Whitman

10 March 2013


Rest, my dear friends. 
Be restful.
Photo: Mesh at a garden centre, New Zealand

09 March 2013


Here we are, 
among friends.
Photo: Attic library, New Pacific Studio

08 March 2013


Today is International Women's Day, and here is the back of a man's head - the turban probably washed by a woman, or girl.
Photo: Shepherd, India

07 March 2013


X marks the spot.
That's where I am.
Kissing everything I love.
Photo: Sky over Hong Kong

06 March 2013


I have landed
in another 
place, pace.
Photo: Map of Masterton, New Zealand

05 March 2013

two, too

Today, flying from New Zealand
to Hong Kong, I am going 
from one home to another.
Photo: Painted on street, Napier, New Zealand

04 March 2013

looking at Earth

I will travel tomorrow,
and look at Earth through
my little airline window.
Still amazed with the world.
Photo: Pool, location forgotten

03 March 2013

before the fall

These apples will fall
all by themselves.
Photo: In H's garden, Carterton, New Zealand

02 March 2013

the verse in universe

Today we were together with poem, 
story and illumination, centered.
Photo: Storefront window, Masterton, 
Wairarapa, New Zealand

01 March 2013