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29 February 2012

leaping, singing

Today is Leap Day, an extra day, and I have claimed the day as mine, taking the day off work to write and sing and be with friends. We will board the mass transit trains soon, ride around town, singing, humming, strumming.
Photo: Pinecones on string, Hong Kong

28 February 2012

mother, child, me

I think the mother wanted me to take the photograph,
but not the child.
Photo: Somewhere in Brazil

27 February 2012

grizzly and me

Here I am touching a dead grizzly bear.
It stands in a room full of maybe seventy
other dead animals, stuffed.
It stands ten feet tall.
Photo: Maine, photo by Andrew Johnson

26 February 2012

25 February 2012


None of these umbrellas are mine.
I choose not to use them.
Photo: Doorway, Sheung Wan

24 February 2012

red mornings

This wall is what I see every morning when I leave my home.
And on this day, also a red bucket and broom.
Photo: Lane, Tai Hang

22 February 2012

letter, letters

Funny how the word 'letter' means both a single letter
of an alphabet, and the full expression in an envelope.
For me, I love both words and letters.
Photo: Lantau Island

21 February 2012

cherry, closer

This is Taiwan Cherry, seen
from a distance on 13 February,
as Cherry Scenery.
Photo: Cherry and pine, Hong Kong

20 February 2012

19 February 2012

17 February 2012

wanna be

Maybe this plastic wants to be something else.
Photo: Streetlife, Hong Kong

16 February 2012

the sweet deep

This Saturday night is live blues music and I am ready for that slow sweet beat. So rejuvenating, so deep. I am thankful already.
Photo: Berries, Hong Kong

15 February 2012

crawling balls

Fern fronds in the making.
Looks like balls, crawling.
Photo: Kadoorie Farm, Hong Kong
(though it feels like New Zealand)

14 February 2012

everything, something

Nobody can do everything, but everybody
can do something, said Oscar Romero.
Photo: New Year cakes, Hong Kong

13 February 2012

cherry scenery

This scenery is Hong Kong.
The pink is cherry blossom.
Photo: Kadoorie Farm, taken on 5 February 2012 

12 February 2012

once it is cut

It is a sad time when the trees cut for the season are thrown away. First it was Christmas fir or spruce, and then New Year peach.
Photo: Lautau Island


I remember reading that when missionaries tried to convert Chinese people to Christianity, they said their trinity was like time: past, present and future.
Photo: The nummber 3 painted on a surface, Lantau Island

10 February 2012

all will agree

All colours will agree in the dark,
says Francis Bacon.
And in light, too, I say.
Photo: MTR platform, Hong Kong

09 February 2012

creative confidence

A friend and I just had lunch. We were talking about our new beginnings, soon. It's kind of like cooking, putting things together, some of this, some of that, and focus, creativity, confidence. It tasted good.
Photo: In a kitchen, Hong Kong

08 February 2012

the land is my friend

Lil' William says,
The land is my friend. It always gives me hope.
Photo: Oil Street complex before renovation, Hong Kong
Text: From the 2002 book 'Well Said - Children's Words of Wisdom

07 February 2012

good dreamers who remember

You remember those two! I once mentioned them to you. You said, They're harmless dreamers and they're loved by the people. What, I asked, What is harmless about the love of the people? Revolution only needs good dreamers who remember
their dreams, and the love of the people.
Photo: At Man Mo temple, Hong Kong
Text: Tennessee Williams in Camino Real

06 February 2012

using land, using sea

The Hong Kong Government is talking about connecting islands, and making new land masses.
I ask them to reconsider the relocation of sea.
Photo: Central, Hong Kong
For more information (in Chinese

05 February 2012

see my television

I wonder what it would feel like to take some color
and draw on a television screen, smaller or larger.
Photo: Pedestrain walkway, Hong Kong

04 February 2012

the swamp and me

I have always liked swamps. The weight. The way you are never sure what is within. Sometimes, mirrors.
A friend calls me 'Lotus' which grows in swamps, and a sister once wrote a poem for this love of mine.
Photo: Texas swamp 

03 February 2012

02 February 2012

hello, friends

Yesterday, I wore a teal tunic, a gift from a friend from India, and in the evening, I received another gift from a friend who had just returned from the country.
Hello and thank you, dear friends.
Photo: Old water tank for irrigation, Hong Kong
Text: I love and thank n and a.

01 February 2012

trees make everything better

I would like to sit with a tree every day.
A man who lived in this home
used to work by these trees.
Photo: Hillside by King Yin Lei, Hong Kong