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31 March 2012

baby tree

Tonight, a friend is premiering
her film One Tree Three Lives
sharing it with the world.
May it live fully, just like the woman
the film is about: the novelist Nieh Hualing.
Photo: Baby jackfruit, Peng Chau, Hong Kong

30 March 2012

mountain gouge

The other day I was talking about moving the sea,
which many people call reclaiming land.
Here, a mountain, gouged.
Photo: Construction site, Stubbs Rd, Hong Kong

29 March 2012

moving mountain

I watched this whiteness move.
Like the curtains in my room.
Photo: Kam Tin, Hong Kong

28 March 2012

I like the different spaces

I like the spaces of chair, porch, room.
And I love the red lights of the shrine.
Photo: Tai O, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

27 March 2012

at one

Doesn't this person look at one with her world? Here, with
river and rock. And yesterday, I saw her school report.
All is well there, too.
Photo: L at Mount Holdsworth, New Zealand

26 March 2012

flowers, friends

Last night, I was thinking about this flower, which one friend helped me receive from a garden, and another friend helped stay well and bloom.
Photo: Night-blooming cereus, in S's hand
and thanks to F too

25 March 2012

growth not for sake of growth

Growth for the sake of growth
is the ideology of the cancer cell,
said Edward Abbey.
Photo: Firecrackers, Hong Kong

24 March 2012

milky and sugary

Reminds me of cookies and mooncakes.
Yesterday, I read the ingredients of a label:
Milk, sugar (Made with milk).
Photo: Detail of a mansion, Hong Kong

22 March 2012


Two cats and a leaf equal a triangle.
Photo: Fence in my neighbo(u)rhood

21 March 2012

20 March 2012


Sometimes I want to live in a very small house,
with just the essentials, just enough.
Photo: At Kadoorie Farm, Hong Kong

19 March 2012

isn't love good

I have a friend I call Mr. Accurate.
Another, Mr. Order.
They love each other so beautifully.
Photo: Interior of King Yin Lei mansion, Hong Kong
Text: For C + C

18 March 2012

a loop around

Somehow I see myself in the stone post.
I like the way the hose loops around me.
Photo: Hose around post, Kadoorie Farm, Hong Kong

17 March 2012

visible, tangible, full

Yesterday, I was with a full family. We laughed and told stories, played with words and each other, ate lovely homemade meals and shared wine, Maine blueberries and more. Visible, tangible love.
Photo: Flower at Kadoorie Farm, Hong Kong

16 March 2012

god and home

The god in this neighborhood looks at hundreds of homes all day long.
The goddess in my part of town looks out through a little temple window into a small side street. Many people pause or bow as they walk by.
Photo: Taoist god and housing estate, Fanling, Hong Kong

15 March 2012

warm typing

Here's a greenhouse, warm and orange.
I am stepping inside now as I type.
Photo: Yuen Long, Hong Kong

14 March 2012

to fold

Sometimes I would like to fold bronze, or wood.
For now, I fold words.
Photo: Kwun Yun Statue, Kadoorie Farm, Hong Kong

13 March 2012

friends and friends

One friend gave me the flower, as a bulb, and I helped it grow. Another friend made the bowl. They rest on the wooden chest, given by a friend of a friend.
Photo: Hyacinth from D, Bowl from M,
chest from T to SL, and the image
in the back is one of mine

12 March 2012

is this better?

I will get new glasses soon and will be asked
this question many times.
Photo: Mirror, Hong Kong

11 March 2012

home, handmade

I once lived near this wall, the wall of a home, maybe handmade, in a temporary housing estate, where people lived for maybe ten years waiting for their public housing unit. The estate is gone now, and I do not know where my neighbors are.
Photo: Yuen Chau Kok Housing Estate, 1992

10 March 2012


I want a long long sleep, but am sitting in a chair
at the computer, thinking about this chair and sleep.
Photo: Painted Valley, California

09 March 2012

mango and hand

I wonder what these scissors will do.
Cut mango or fingernail or both or else?
Photo: At a market in Salvador, Brazil

08 March 2012

every one, everything

It's the international day for women today, and I say
every day is for everyone and every thing.
I say this with complete love.
Photo: Person, tree, cloud, Hong Kong

07 March 2012

city of moon, bird, stair

Today, full moon in Hong Kong, a new book
will be presented. The writer loves birds.
I give this image to her.
Photo: A painted mural, Hong Kong
Text: The new book is titled City of Stairs

06 March 2012

traveling, unraveling

I am on a lonely road and I am traveling, looking
for something what can it be?
Photo: On a river, Vietnam
Text: From 'All I Want' by Joni Mitchell

05 March 2012

open the doors

Today, as I did errands during the lunch hour, I saw a patch of trees growing from a podium in a housing complex. They reached maybe five or six stories high.
I grew up near a patch of woods. It stood across the street. Pine trees and their needles, bees nests, a large stone we called The Elephant Rock.
And behind the house, a field with pheasants, skunks, streams, blackberries...
Those dusty city trees in Hong Kong brought me to all of these places. When we open the doors, we see everything.
Photo: Garden in Suzhou, China

04 March 2012

did I?

Did I write a poem here? Maybe. 
Photo: Teahouse at Artist Garden, Suzhou, China

03 March 2012

01 March 2012

green balls

I don't think I've seen green ball berries before...
Photo: Seen in Hong Kong