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31 August 2013

tomorrow with me?

Tomorrow, a film I love.
Come and see it with me.
Photo: Film by Angie Chen,
Poster artwork by Wong Yankwai

30 August 2013

sweet Spring

Daphne. A new flower 
in my life. A walk out the door
begins with this scent of Spring.
Daphne is also the name of a sister
of a friend. She has received
a photograph of the bloom, 
just as you do now. 
Photo: Cut Daphne for the table,
New Zealand

29 August 2013

open when soft

A book made from bread,
made by a girl
I love. 
The pages open when soft. Just 
like us.
Photo: On our table

28 August 2013


I have not returned to the town of my birth since my infancy. Maybe I never will. Yet, every living and dead thing is near. 
N-E-A-R. I keep these four letters, cut from white card, in my writing room. 
Photo: Roots of a tree, location forgotten

27 August 2013

growth, under, over

We walked in the bush 
with so much growth.
Photo: Waohine Gorge, New Zealand

26 August 2013

what I see

What I see in the middle 
of the night without 
the eyeglasses.
Photo: Unknown

25 August 2013

24 August 2013

23 August 2013


Our black cat has taken 
to sleeping on the lap, and I
have come to need this. Such 
a happy purr and warmth. 
Photo: A poem exhibited on a mirror,
from 'Delicate Access'. Fringe Club, Hong Kong

22 August 2013

21 August 2013


Friends from far away
will soon be here.
Photo: Door to enter nature reserve,
Mount Bruce, New Zealand

20 August 2013


I am blessed with many 
friends. Thank you.
Photo: Coffee with S and P, Masterton

19 August 2013

tying the sky

A bow was just tying the sky
all the way to the eye.
Photo: Rainbow over Wairarapa

17 August 2013


Today I saw my first kiwi
bird, birds: one white, one grey.
This is not the shadow.
Photo: Display window,
Pukaha Mount Bruce
National Wildlife Reserve

16 August 2013


Today is a day for poetry in the land
of new zeal. There are over fifty events
across the country, and here
in the Wairarapa, we held '16'
with sixteen writers in glee.
Photo: A box made for the 'Rough Gecko
Pukaha Mount Bruce

15 August 2013

joy and growth

It is a dear person's birthday today 
and I wish him joy and growth.
Photo: A quote by A J Muste,
from our daily book

14 August 2013

dusk sky

The view from our deck today. 
One friend says 'beautiful', another 
says 'wow', and a sister says 'majestic'.
I was very 
Photo: Evening, Wairarapa

13 August 2013


Daphne at the table,
cut from our garden,
to scent togetherness
with friends.
Photo: in our home,
for T and K and S and O

12 August 2013


It's the first day of my new year.
Photo: At a potter's studio
near my home, New Zealand.
We visited here the day after
my birthday.

11 August 2013


It's my birthday today.
All is living and dying, again.
Photo: Ta Chiu, Hong Kong
A festival of renewal

10 August 2013

twoness, oneness, 2011, 2012, 2013

In 2011, I wrote a poem about horses. In 2012, on National Poetry Day, I read it aloud at a performance. This year, for the same Day, it appears in a chapbook.
You can read the single poem here:
And the whole chapbook / e-book here:
Photo: Twoness before Oneness illustration by Anne Taylor
at Almo's Books, 42 High Street, Carterton, New Zealand

09 August 2013

writing on windows

Today we wrote poems on windows,
sometimes writing the letters backwards, 
to be read by passersby
on the other side of glass.
Photo: Window and reflection
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong
Text: For "16" - an event of National Poetry Day 2013

08 August 2013

delicate names

I love naming things. It seems poets do. I recently named a new friend's exhibition 'pocket' and perhaps my favo(u)rite name for an exhibition, and book, is this: 
delicate access.
Photo: From my book exhibition, Fringe Club, Hong Kong, 2004
The table pictured is probably my favourite table too. It sits in my living room now.

07 August 2013

consider this pig tail

I read the other day
that the word 'consider'
originally meant 
to observe the stars.
Photo: Painted on a barn, Wairarapa

05 August 2013

and palm trees

Diptych and grids 
diamonds and trash.
Photo: Behind Central Library, Hong Kong

04 August 2013

more than one

Czeslaw Milosz: The purpose of poetry is to remind us / how difficult it is to remain one person.
Photo: Our garden in winter, New Zealand

03 August 2013


I used to live near a soccer pitch and would listen to the ball moving from foot to foot, maybe swishing through the net.
Photo: Goal net, Hong Kong

02 August 2013


I am a resident in principle,
an official letter said today.
And in another place, 
I am called: 'permanent resident'.
Photo: My exhibition, 'delicate access'

01 August 2013

take a shower

About eight people share
this shower unit.
Photo: In Shamshuipo, Hong Kong