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31 August 2011

hot super hot

It has been super hot these days.
Please bring us some wind and rain.
Photo: Looking down at an alleyfrom the 13th floor, Hong Kong 

30 August 2011

I want to write a story

I want to write a story with these leaves, one for each hand.
Photo: Two leaves, 12 Oil Street, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong

29 August 2011

tower, tower

We saw this tower the other day, no hair falling.
Photo: A village on Lantau Island, Hong Kong

28 August 2011

eyes and trophies

She calls this room a trophy room.
I look into the eyes of each animal,
including my own.
Photo: A neighbo(u)r's home, Maine

27 August 2011

a book is born

Today, a book is born, Driving Lantau,
about an island in and away from Hong Kong.
Let's see how the book lives, how
the island lives.
Photo: Featherston, New Zealand
Text: Driving Lantau

26 August 2011

I wanna watch a film here

In Chinese, 'film' is 'electric shadows'.
Here, summer light, reflected off glass.
Photo: Chinese Recreation Club, Tai Hang, Hong Kong

25 August 2011

fast lane, fat lane

One for driving, one for walking.
Photo: Near Island Corridor and Northpoint ferry pier, Hong Kong
Text: See 'Fast lane, Fat lane' (vehicle / bicycle)
from this facebook page: Who stole my bike?

24 August 2011


Waves of water,
land and canvas.
Photo: Eastern edges of Hong Kong Island
seen from a boat

22 August 2011

not a bullet hole

We can count the age
of a tree by the annual ring.
I wonder how old these rings are.
Photo: Trunk of a palm tree, Hong Kong

20 August 2011

the horizon, happening

For years, we lived within miles of the sea,
but would only travel there when visitors came - we would go, walk around a lighthouse, sleep on sand, study the shore, the mussels, shells, barnacles. The horizon happening far and near. Lapping.
Photo: Shorelife, Paekakariki, New Zealand

19 August 2011

bamboo beginning

Looks like the beginning
of a teepee.
Photo: Bamboo structure for drama/music celebration/performance
Football pitch behind Central Library
Minutes from my Hong Kong home

18 August 2011

17 August 2011


I saw these clouds weeks ago.
I wonder where they are now.
Photo: If I remember right, they used to be over Midwest USA

16 August 2011

big green square

A seat, a sleep.
Photo: On the way to Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong
Thanks to xtn and j for this birthday place

15 August 2011

today, yesterday, tomorrow

Today, a dear friend begins a new decade.
Yesterday we were here, floating through time.
Photo: Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong

14 August 2011

palm of a world

I saw this palm frond yesterday on the ground, and couldn't walk past the world of it without saying hello.
Photo: Frond next to a football pitch, Hong Kong

13 August 2011


Mid-autumn Festival is coming up.
My favo(u)rite of all holidays.
Inside this bamboo structure will come song.
Handmade paper structures will fly to sky.
A long body of incense will waft through the streets for three nights.
And cakes of moon for all of us.
Photo: Bamboo theatre in the making, behind Central Library, Hong Kong

12 August 2011

10 August 2011

building blanketed

A building blanketed.
And a curtain to be opened.
Photo: From a double-decker bus, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

09 August 2011

the divine hand

The other day, the hands of this man
made a lovely brunch for his Hong Kong family. Thank you.
Photo: The kitchen and terrace of xtn and c, Sai Ying Poon

08 August 2011

7 7, 8 8, 9 9

I had wanted to take a photograph of the lit cloud edge. It was feathery, hairy.
But I can be a slow person, and by the time
I got my camera out, lens cap off, focus
and exposure ready, the sun came out.
Today, eight eight, is my mother's birthday, and I love her, and seven seven is my father's, and I love him too, and nine nine is one of my sister's and...
Photo: Sun over Hong Kong and me
To see my 7 7 entry for my father's day: http://touchingwhatilove.blogspot.com/2011/07/books-and-birth.html

07 August 2011


I like these ovals, wading, swimming.
Photo: Net, fence, hose, New Zealand

06 August 2011

summer and time

I just walked through town in the middle
of a very hot Saturday afternoon, and now, cool water and a story to read. Ah, summertime.
Photo: Sun and bottle, New Zealand

05 August 2011


Friday. I am thankful.
A friend I haven't seen for a while
will come to my rooftop tonight.
Friend. Me. Sky.
Photo: Third floor of a stairwell, Hong Kong

04 August 2011

One Slinky, two

Reminds me of Slinky.
Stretched, overstretched.
Photo: Over our creek, Carterton, New Zealand

03 August 2011

I see a moon

First, when I saw this image, I saw
a little moon in the corner. Even
if it is a smudge, I still see a moon.
Photo: My sister in Germany

02 August 2011

underwater trees

Feels like a swimming pool, and it's a really hot Saturday afternoon and there I was, in one of the cool rooms, as if underwater, or maybe under a tree. Then an Uncle takes out a guitar and sings, 'There are many pretty trees all around the world...'
Photo: After a storytelling seesion on a rooftop of community church, Kowloon, Hong Kong
The poet-storyteller is Uncle Hung / Yuen Che-hung: http://nohurrystory.blogspot.com/

01 August 2011

same same

Yesterday someone asked me about traveling and writing. Maybe it is the same thing.
Photo: l.d. in Xinjiang